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Niue, 'The Rock of Polynesia', is the largest coral island, yet the smallest country in the world, and is located between Tonga and the Cook Islands. Niue is a self governing state which has been in free association with New Zealand since 1974. All Niueans are New Zealand citizens and hold a New Zealand passport. Niueans have the same rights as New Zealanders with access to health and education benefits and the stable New Zealand dollar.

High value agriculture produce like vanilla, honey, noni and Niuean pink taro (a native taro variety with a strong resistance to pests), are exported internationally. The development of domestic and offshore fisheries offers great potential, evidenced by a fish processing plant becoming operational in 2004. There is also potential for growth in the tourism sector in terms of accommodation and the Niuean Diaspora is encouraged to invest in property in Niue. The niche market of handicrafts and food processing industry are sectors that have potential to grow.

Visitor arrivals in Niue have increased since 2005 with the commencement of Air New Zealand's weekly direct flight service from Auckland to Niue. Inbound capacity will grow further in 2013 with additional fortnightly services to commence in mid-April. Niue is also serviced by monthly shipping services from Auckland. In 2003, Niue became the world's first "Wi-Fi nation" where free wireless internet access was provided throughout the country.

There is a good range of accommodation options on the island with more scheduled for opening up in mid-2013. Niue has one full-service hotel with an international resort style setting, many self-catering fales (cottage style units), guest houses and backpacker options.

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