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New Caledonia


Located within the proximity of Australia, New Caledonia is home to 254,525 people and possesses a land area of 18,575 square kilometres. It comprises the island of Grande Terre (where the capital, Noumea, is situated), the four Loyalty Islands (Ouvea, Lifou, Tiga and Maré), the Belep archipelago, the Isle of Pines and some remote islands. The island nation is divided administratively into a Northern and Southern province on Grande Terre and an Islands province covering the rest of its territory.

New Caledonia is home to around 25% of the world's known nickel reserves. With only a small amount of land suitable for cultivation, food accounts for about 20% of imports. In addition to nickel, the New Caledonia economy receives substantial financial support from France (equal to more than 15% of GDP) and tourism which are keys to the health of the economy; during 2009-10, France sent more development assistance to New Caledonia than to any of its other overseas territories. Understandably, substantial new investment in the nickel industry, combined with the recovery of global nickel prices, will certainly brighten the economic outlook for the next several years.

New Caledonia's tourism sector has a lot to offer than just its heavenly beaches and sunshine. Third largest in the Pacific after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, New Caledonia stretches some 500 kilometres from coast to coast, home to surprising and remarkably diverse landscapes. For the avid traveller, there are countless activities and adventures to embark on in New Caledonia, and business opportunities to explore for the potential investor.

One can find a wide variety of accommodation in Grand Terre, the four Loyalty Islands, and the Isle of Pines. For the affluent traveller, there are hotels like the Le Meridien Hotel, Le Lagon Hotel, L'Escapade Island Resort and other luxurious resorts to choose from. Similarly, budget accommodations like the Gite Nataiwatch, L'Effet Mer, Hotel Colibri, and Hotel du Centre are available for those who prefer a less affluent experience.

La Tontouta International Airport in the capital city of Noumea is New Caledonia's main international airport that services a number of international flights weekly. Airlines that fly through Noumea include Air New Zealand, Qantas, Air Vanuatu and its main airline, Air Calin.

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