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Marshall Islands


The Republic of the Marshall Islands consists of five coral islands and 29 atolls located to the west of Hawaii. The Marshall Islands is a self governing democracy in free association with the United States providing development assistance and the use of the USD. Fisheries, ship registry services, limited small-scale agriculture, wholesale and retail services, and a limited services sector represent the majority of private sector enterprises. The Marshall Islands registers around 2,500 vessels; the third-largest fleet in the world.

International investors are moving in and taking advantage of the 2.1 million square kilometres Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the excellent port infrastructure available. The export of giant clams for aquarium purposes offers strong potential with smaller niche markets in handicrafts and food processing. In late 2011, the government declared a large part of its sea area a shark sanctuary. This is the world's largest shark sanctuary, and has opened up a path for expanded scientific, diving and tourism investment. The government encourages investment in fisheries, tourism and light manufacturing and it offers tax and duty exemptions in certain private sector industries. The Marshall Islands has a stable business environment; the currency is the US dollar.

The government-owned Air Marshall Islands offers inter-island service throughout the country. United Airlines operates flights from Honolulu to Majuro and Kwajalein with continuing service to the Federated States from Micronesia and Guam three times a week. In December 2012, Our Airlines introduced new weekly service from Brisbane to Majuro (6 hours flight), via Nauru.

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