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Fed. States of Micronesia


The Federated States of Micronesia's (FSM) 607 islands are spread across a 2.9 million square kilometre Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). It is situated to the north of Papua New Guinea and east of Palau and comprises four states: Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap, with Palikir on Pohnpei being the capital. FSM is in a 20 year "Compact of Free Association" with the United States, which guarantees a stable currency (USD) and democratic government.

FSM had more than 24,000 visitors in 2011, many arriving for the wreck diving and world-class surfing in Pohnpei. Other visitor attractions like World War II battle sites and the ancient ruined cities of Nan Madol offer opportunities for further investment in the tourism sector. The only airline that flies to the FSM is United Airlines. It operates daily flights "Island Hopper" between Guam and Honolulu with stopovers on Chuuk (FSM), Pohnpei (FSM) & Kosrae (FSM) as well as Kwajalein and Majuro. It also connects Guam and Yap (FSM) twice weekly.

FSM is strategically placed in the equatorial tuna migration paths and the fisheries sector is yet to be fully developed. The export of all products as well as the re-export of imported products is tax free. FSM enjoys modern, reliable telecommunication links worldwide. TV and Internet services are readily available throughout the country via the FSM Telecommunications Corporation.

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